Team Training

High-quality training for your team

2024 Coach Mentoring Sign-Up Sheets

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What is Team Training?

Secure a professional trainer for your teams for Spring. Fall or Winter.

Your First Touch Soccer trainer will work alongside a team’s head coach providing guidance, expertise, and insight to ensure high-quality training for your players.

This is an affordable way to get high-quality training for your team throughout the season.

Choosing Your Trainer

When assigning your trainer, it’s challenging for us to take personnel requests for a number of reasons. However, we will work with you to ensure you are provided a trainer that meets the needs of your team.


When it comes to scheduling the trainer, a lot is contingent on field availability & the trainer’s schedule. It’s a process in which we work with your league or region to find the best schedule for your Team’s Training.

Private Lessons

We often get asked about private lessons. Our organization doesn’t provide private lessons for individuals or a team. However, if multiple teams within your league or region are interested in a trainer, our Team Training programs are a good solution & we would welcome a conversation with the Chairman or Commissioner. We can also connect with trainers who do provide private lessons.