Indoor soccer from First Touch Soccer

First Touch Soccer is proud to add Futsal to our programming in 2023. We are working with many of our current clients across Southern California to provide Futsal in your City.

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What is Futsal?

Futsal is a great way for players to develop their technical ball skills. The small court and fast-paced environment gets players accustomed to the intensity of a traditional game, but also allows for more touches and greater player involvement.

Benefits of Futsal

Per U.S Futsal, Children learn through repetition and practice in small areas this occurs naturally. As Futsal is fast and action packed, fitness is improved while learning and having fun. We find children love playing Futsal. It is exciting, many goals are scored and the game is devoid of complex rules such as off side. Children learn so much faster if they enjoy the game and spend a lot of time playing with the ball. 

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