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About First Touch Soccer

Welcome to First Touch Soccer. Your local, community-based soccer provider. Formed in 2017, First Touch Soccer was created to provide high quality training sessions with enthusiasm, knowledge and fun. These are the key principles that define our organization.

Since our inception, we have worked with and developed thousands of players via a Camp, Academy or one of our Team Training sessions.

Our team is comprised of a dynamic, forward-thinking and experienced leadership group who work hard to deliver a great product on the field for all our players in our programs. Our coaches are enthusiastic and knowledgable and given the resources and support to be successful.

Leadership Team

Harry Doyle


Sam Hunt


Callum Salter

Orange County Operations

Kiran Patel

Los Angeles Operations

Adam Crestman

San Diego Operations

First Touch Soccer Trainers

All of our Trainers are vetted & background checked prior to stepping onto the field. We also ensure all compliance obligations are met to align with your league or region’s requirements. The majority of our trainers have completed US Soccer licenses or equivalent to ensure they are at the cutting edge of player education.

The Coaching Manual

All of our coaches are provided with access to The Coaching Manual, a world class resource for player & coach education. The Coaching Manual is utilized to plan, prepare and deliver high quality training sessions with enthusiasm, knowledge and fun. All of our coaches are overseen by our Director of Coaching so we are providing the best experience possible to players.