Our vision is to become the primary soccer provider in our local community. Our mission is to provide high quality training sessions delivered with enthusiasm, knowledge and fun.

Name: Harry Doyle

Title: Technical Director

Hometown: Harlow, UK

Favorite soccer team: Tottenham Hotspur

Coaching Experience: 10 years

Coaching Philosophy:

It’s important to me that young players develop a love for the game. That passion will drive them to practice more and work harder, and therefore facilitate their development. I believe the desire to train and play must come from within the individual. When players possess the ambition to play, my role is to teach them the technical fundamentals of soccer, and then expose them realistic game-related scenarios, to help them develop.

Name: Sam Hunt

Title: General Manager

Hometown: Bishops Stortford, UK

Favorite soccer team: Aston Villa

Coaching Experience: 11 years

Coaching Philosophy:

My goal is to create a fun and positive experience. I want to deliver something during every session and game. Whether that’s Learning at least one new aspect of the tactical game, challenging their technical skills and developing their physical and mental game. It’s important to educate the parents on our team and individual goals so that we can create an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the entire family